The Pour Parlour

Welcome to The Pour Parlour, where anyone can create picture perfect paintings.

I’m Lisa McKay, the owner and operator of the Parlour. I don’t have a formal education in art and found my passion later in life. Who knew that this magical art form was going to transform my life?

Acrylic pour painting is an easily accessible art form with a wide range of results achievable. Many of the techniques upcycle materials from around the home. Other styles use substances such as treadmill oil, dimethicone hair products and one hundred per cent silicone lubricant to create different effects.

Pour painting techniques include, but aren’t limited to:


Existing pieces

You are purchasing original art work. There are no copies, there are no exact replicas. Your painting purchases remain yours exclusively. 

Enjoy your art!

Commission pieces

  • Residential – art to totally suit your family, colour scheme and décor. Let me come out to your home and help you realise your dream in artwork. More and more people are having a ‘blank canvas’ in their style, keeping colour and furniture neutral. Select a few signature statement pieces to say it all.
  • Corporate – match your business card colours/office colours.


Birthday parties

For the honoured guest and some friends –

  • Childrens parties – the birthday child and 5 friends. They all walk away with the gift of art. 1 ½ – 2 hours
  • Your best friend
  • Your child
  • Your spouse

Other recommended get-togethers

  • A night out with the girls
  • Time on the weekend with the family